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An Introduction Using R

by Jason Abrevaya
University of Texas at Austin
© 2024


This book is intended for an introductory course in probability and statistics for economics and business majors. The book introduces students to the R statistical programming language and uses R to illustrate the various concepts throughout. The book uses examples from economics, finance, and business, stresses asymptotic inference, and utilizes computer simulation techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. The Basics of R
  2. Introduction to Probability Theory
  3. Conditional Probabilities and Independence
  4. Combinatorics (Counting Methods)
  5. Economic Data and Sampling
  6. Descriptive Statistics and Visuals: Univariate Data
  7. Descriptive Statistics and Visuals: Bivariate Data
  8. Discrete Random Variables
  9. Models of Discrete Random Variables
  10. Continuous Random Variables
  11. Models of Continuous Random Variables
  12. Sampling Distributions: Exact
  13. Sampling Distributions: Asymptotic
  14. Estimation and Confidence Intervals
  15. The Bootstrap
  16. Hypothesis Testing
  17. Simple Linear Regression
  18. Multiple Linear Regression